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Atelier Collections

Shadow on Concrete Wall
Gerecycled papier
Tropical Leaves

The Velvet Collection

Shop our beautiful, butter soft and thoughtfully made velvet kimonos.  This collection is all about natural dyes, the magnificent color mixtures of the earth. Ideal for this season and easily styled over a jeans or dress. 

We have basic style options or golden and silk embroidery florals.

Black Gewassen Muur

The Earth Element Collection


Our 'Earth Element' Dress is designed to make you want to live in it. Earth is the element of stability, rootedness, fertility and abundance. Earth can also be the element of beginnings and endings.

We envision wearing the dress and grounding yourself with Healing crystals and stones, gardening the soil in which we grow our food, walking in the forest or with your animals. Wearing her to facilitate all manner of manifestation by putting down strong roots from which your dreams grow into reality.

To honor the cycles of the seasons and the slow way of making, we decided to do a pre-order on the dress.

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